You Must Like You

Thoughts from Worry Free Island: One of the major things we have to do, to create a success, enjoy our lives, and help others, is to first like ourselves. So often the cause of a downward spiral, is the fact that you are being too hard on yourself over something that you have decided is important, or you feel that you are not living up to the standards you have set for yourself. Unfortunately the more you think about these things the more they compound, and eventually something that was so insignificant to start with becomes a huge obstacle .

We have these internal battles with ourselves and because we are in control of the questions and the answers we cannot fail to persecute ourselves. One way to break this cycle is to let those that you love and care about into the conversation, let them know what your thoughts are and discuss all the things that you feel are wrong.

In my experience people who are brave enough to discuss these innermost thoughts with those closest to them, find an answer, and although you have listened to them, you are still free to make your own decision.

TIP: When you realize how quickly you can get back on track, by just discussing those deep seated beliefs about yourself, with someone you admire or love, you will find that you also start liking yourself just a little bit more.

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