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Today Is Part Of The Journey

Thoughts from Worry Free Island: Being successful is definitely a journey, and not solely the result of arriving at a destination, you can then start enjoying your success the minute you decide to start your journey. It is not necessary to have vast amounts of money in the bank and all your debts cleared before [Read More...]

Enjoy Your Journey

Thoughts from Worry Free Island: One way or another we are all on a journey and to be truly successful it is vital that you are at peace with every stage of that journey. With an incorrect mindset some people do not enjoy the stations they visit on their journey because they are always looking [Read More...]

You Choose

Thoughts from Worry Free Island: Once you realise that you have exactly the same control over your life as others have over theirs, you suddenly arrive at the wonderful world of IMAGINATION. A place where you can live your dreams until they arrive. Once you understand that you can manifest anything you want provided you [Read More...]

Relax And Receive

  Thoughts from Worry Free Island: There are a lot of people that can whip a crowd up into a frenzy and make people feel good and think that they can achieve success by just being out there. The truth is that this journey starts inside you and works its way out.   Although there [Read More...]

Do You Hear The Voices

Thoughts from Worry Free Island: There is a voice deep within us that says you are too short, you are too tall, you are too young, you are too old, no one in your family has ever done that, if you do that people will laugh at you. That is your subconscious keeping you safe [Read More...]

We Need Some Drama

Thoughts from Worry Free Island: We have recorded history over thousands of years and during that time the seasons have stayed in the same order Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Night has always followed day, and every problem you have ever had, has had a resolution eventually. It sounds pretty boring if we look at [Read More...]


This video will give you the strength to forgive anyone in your life

Efficient And Effective

Thoughts from Worry Free Island: There is a very famous saying that 90% of success, comes from just showing up. I tend to agree, because so many people think that they can get someone to do the hard work for them. It is only when YOU actually turn up that you can get things underway. [Read More...]

You Must Like You

Thoughts from Worry Free Island: One of the major things we have to do, to create a success, enjoy our lives, and help others, is to first like ourselves. So often the cause of a downward spiral, is the fact that you are being too hard on yourself over something that you have decided is [Read More...]

SOGRIPE Chapter 3

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