Enjoy Your Journey

Thoughts from Worry Free Island: One way or another we are all on a journey and to be truly successful it is vital that you are at peace with every stage of that journey. With an incorrect mindset some people do not enjoy the stations they visit on their journey because they are always looking ahead, waiting until they get to the next station before they allow themselves to be happy or grateful.


The wonderful thing is that if you follow the teachings contained in the SOGR, you can feel happy and successful at every stage. All you need to do is to get your own journey underway, and a Worry Free Life awaits you.


If you relax into these teachings, you will experience things that up until now may have eluded you, you will also find that you can feel and enjoy at anytime all the truly simple yet amazing things that are the gifts of life.


Look at your journey as you would any other trip. If you are going on holiday, “Do you only start enjoying it when you arrive at your destination?” ” No”  you get excited thinking about what you will do when you get there, you get enjoyment from selecting the hotel and booking the tickets, you actually feel and think about what you are going to do once you get there, you buy new clothes and visualise yourself wearing them once you arrive. In effect you are getting enjoyment and excitement from your holiday, long before you actually leave to start your trip.


This is how your journey should be through life once you follow these teachings. Wallace actually says that you should enter into the full enjoyment of your vision before you receive it. That statement should now make a bit more sense.


TIP: Create your vision and start your journey NOW



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