Cut It Up

Thoughts from Worry Free Island: It cannot go without notice, that the amount of stress, anxiety and depression reported, is in direct relation to the state of the economy, and the money situation of most people has a great effect on how they feel.  Of course in our consumer society, we tend to finance things that we may not really need, and get tempted into interest free periods of grace, that seem to disappear a lot quicker than we thought. We soon realize that our income has not changed and the new payment becomes due, adding even further stress to an already difficult situation.

My observation is that old fashioned ideas of saving up for things have slowly been eroded, and lending institutions have a plan, to get you into debt as soon as possible. Now I used to get a lot of slack from people when I talked about good and bad debt, but just lately the economy has turned most debt into bad debt, and even the old fashioned idea of saving has suffered, because the returns are so low.

TIP: Unless you are paying it off monthly, cut up your credit card. If you have a house with equity, negotiate all your debt into one and put it on the mortgage. Ignore special offers that offer interest free periods, and lastly start enjoying the real gifts of life with a new relaxed feeling. Once you get back this relaxed feeling, you will find that a lot of the stress and anxiety will disappear.

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